Real Estate & Property

Please note that L&G is not currently taking any litigation cases involving real estate or home purchases. We welcome your transactional work and administrative matters.

Zoning And Land Use

The right property for development is hard to find. We work with developers to fix zoning problems on their projects. The changing trends in development that resulted in large national companies working with preferred developers mean that they have offloaded much of the development risk to regional land expansion companies. We have experience securing contingent sale contracts based upon zoning changes and we're happy to tell you about our good record in administrative hearings on zoning matters.

Commercial Property Transactions

The Ohio Supreme Court throws the normal protections out the window for real estate buyers of commercial property. Their position is "everyone in a transaction should have a lawyer." If you aren't represented, you won't know what you don't know about in the sale contract. Our Property division handles commercial building sales, from hotels to strip malls and all manner of other investment properties. We fix problems from prior commercial deals that were not done right. Call us before doing your next deal and we'll make sure you are protected.

Commercial Development

Modern real estate development is far more complicated than it used to be. Developers sit in the middle between sellers and institutional buyers, bearing much of the risk and expense of the deal. We'll sit there next to you, making sure that your development deals are written properly and followed. We have represented clients in disputes with cities, national companies and local authorities. L&G is comfortable representing any position at the bargaining table and we bring that positional knowledge to your representation.