Lawyers Who Know The Grind

We keep your business rolling

Sometimes it seems like your business consists entirely of paperwork. Employee handbooks, transaction contracts, partnership agreements and other documents take up your time and attention and steal you away from essential profit-generating business. Our lawyers at L&G help you stay focused on the big stuff and say "let my lawyer handle that" on everything else.

Essential Business Documents

Your company needs a solid basis of founding documents. Like the Constitution, your Operating Agreement lays out the rights and responsibilities of all members. If your industry requires licensure to operate, L&G can help you obtain permits for environmental development, liquor licenses, taxation forms and more. If you don't have the paperwork, we can take care of it for you with predictable, flat fee services.

Employee Relations

Our clients turn to us when they need help hiring and employing key people to make their business grow. We create employment agreements and handbooks so that everyone knows their responsibilities. If someone must be let go, L&G can help you stay legal and protect you from exposure to liability.

Commercial Transactions

If you're buying or selling something, if the deal isn't written down, what happens if something goes wrong? When both sides know what the terms are, everyone is much more likely to walk away happy. We can write one-use documents and contract templates, depending on your needs. L&G also reviews contracts of all kinds.