60% of families don't have an estate plan.

100% of them can change that.

Your Estate Plan.

You've worked hard to build a good life for you and your family. So many people put off creating a will and planning an estate. The reality is that the only "perfect" will is the one that is actually done.

We know that estate planning sounds about as fun as a day at the dentist. That's why our goal is to make the process of creating a will and planning an estate as simple, streamlined, and painless as possible. Let's check this off your to-do list, shall we?

More Than Just A Will.

A will is a great first step, but it's not enough. A complete estate plan ensures that your assets go exactly where you want them to go while staying out of the public eye. We want to keep your family's private financial information out of public records, to ensure your gifts go where you intend, and that your gifts get to their recipients swiftly.

When a will hasn't been created, loved ones are left to guess where your assets should go. Estate planning takes all of the guesswork out of the process for you and your loved ones.

The High Cost of Incomplete Planning

A will won't protect your estate from the fees associated with probate court. Why would it? A will is designed to send all of your assets through the expensive and time-consuming probate process. It's necessary to have one, but the more assets that can be removed from probate, the more assets actually reach who you want them to go to. When you choose an estate plan that just provides a will, you haven't done enough to reduce the time or expense of probate.

Consider a typical family, the Hamiltons. They live in Cincinnati and are considering retirement in a few years. They have saved for their retirement and built a good nest egg for their golden years and hope to leave something to their children and grandchildren. The Hamiltons have a home worth $325,000, savings and investments worth another $250,000. Their cars and possessions are worth another $50,000. When the Hamiltons pass away, what's the cost of probating their estate in Hamilton County, Ohio? Consider these two scenarios.

Only A Will

Total Assets: $625,000

Assets subject to probate: $625,000

Probate Administrator Fees: $17,500

Probate Attorney Fees: $20,000

Wait: 6-18+ months

Total: $37,500 in probate fees

Source: Hamilton County Probate Court

A Comprehensive Estate Plan

Total Assets: $625,000

Assets subject to probate: $0

Probate Administrator Fees: $0

Probate Attorney Fees: $0

Wait: None. Heirs receive immediately.

Total: $0 in probate fees.

At L&G, we think that Probate Court is the last resort for how assets should be distributed. We help you move as much as possible through probate avoidance strategies that were previously only utilized by the ultra-wealthy. While an estate sits in probate, it generates costs beyond what is listed above. The administrator may need to pay for appraisers, insurance, taxes and mortgages, bonds and other expenses that eat up the money you worked so hard for. It doesn't have to be that way.



A Fully Custom Experience.

You deserve an estate plan custom-made for your family's needs. We work with clients as long as it takes to ensure all of their wishes are met. While online will services (and even some big law firms) offer a "fill in the blanks" estate plan, we see what they can miss. Our clients choose to give to charitable causes, support their communities, and provide for their families. All of that happens with in-depth, personally-tailored estate planning. 

No Hidden Fees.

There are no surprises here.

We want to earn your trust. That's why we publish our upfront, transparent pricing. All of our pricing is a flat fee, based only on the complexity of your estate.

No hidden fees. No add-on charges. Just one flat fee for a thorough, customized estate plan.


The Essentials Plan

$797 individual
$1,197 family

Many estates we handle are straightforward and reflect a client's goal of selecting trusted guardians for minor children and leaving their property to their spouse and family. This plan includes the essentials that anyone should have in the event that they are sick or hospitalized.  Your estate plan will include a full analysis of your assets and feature:

  • Comprehensive Probate Avoidance Plan, including Transfer-On-Death Titling
  • Last Will & Testament
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Health Care Directive
  • Funeral Instructions
  • Free Lifetime Estate Checkups

Perfect for new families, individuals and retirees.

The Privacy and Business Needs Plan

$2,397 individual
$2,797 family

The preferred option for our clients whose needs are more complex. Often, business owners or those with investment properties benefit from the comprehensive asset analysis we perform. Clients with blended families, subsequent marriages or a need for privacy and security find comfort in knowing they are protected by the benefits of this plan. Grandparents see the benefits of leaving gifts to their grandchildren that can be used when they are an appropriate age. The Plan includes:

  • Everything included in The Essentials Plan
  • Our custom Family Trust tool to privately transfer your assets
  • Our Swift & Safe property transfer tools
  • Complimentary deeding and titling of assets to your trust

Ideal for business owners, blended families, grandparents and anyone concerned about privacy

The Family Legacy Plan

$2,717 individual
$3,197 family

Some clients have needs and concerns that require more intensive protection strategies. The Family Legacy Plan is set up for clients who have concerns about safeguarding their assets. Unfortunately, doctors, executives, lawyers, and other professionals have to protect their assets from lawsuits. Those who benefit from a family legacy can invite unwanted envy and attention. Our Plan utilizes Ohio's asset protection laws to minimize your risk. The Family Legacy Plan is set up to pass the fruits of your labor on for generations to come. Our planning is optimized to reduce taxes on your estate and use trusted individuals to make your gifts last.

  • All of the benefits of the Essentials and Privacy Plans above.
  • Asset Protection Planning, including tax and liability minimization techniques
  • Strategic planning with your investment advisor, accountants and other trusted professionals

Ideal for doctors, executives, and high net worth families

Unsure of which option is best for you and your family? We can help. Our goal is to find the plan to works best for you now and in the future.

"I highly recommend L&G. After talking to them, we decided I didn't need a trust and just did their Essentials plan. Very honest!" -Kathleen O.